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2019 Hisun Strike 550 no start

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Boxing hello i have a 2019 hisun 550  blowing 10 amp fuses for signal and speed sensor  turn signals not when running as far as i no it doesnt shut down just when u go to start  because no start  replace fuse starts up  and runs  no dash lites .like i say everything works  couple days  still works  maybe and hr no go  or start

any ideas  replaced ignition switch 

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That really sounds like a short in that circuit. Like its only sparking, when the vehicle moves it around. Especially if it lasts a varying amount of time. 

Of course I could be wrong, but I'd replace the fuse, then turn it on. Try wiggling wires, especially those in the affected circuit. If its a bad switch, or hard component like a pump, or a brake light assembly. Typically the fuse will hold a certain length of time. Usually taking the almost exact amount of time to blow each time. Unless I've misunderstood the problem. Of course hard components can also be loose, and rattle, causing similar symptoms. So all components, as well as connecting wires must be inspected, and wiggled. 

If the dash lights never worked after replacing the fuse, I'd suspect that the problem lies there. Possibly in the dash circuitry itself.

Are you sure that 10A is correct? That's not enough amps for anything but the simplest circuit. As far as it not shutting down. The starting components being dead won't necessarily affect an engine once its running. As far as the electrical system goes, really only the charging circuit, and related components matter once its running.

Isn't this thing still under warranty?


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thats the problem iam the warranty  yes it is 10amp i drove around plowed field  wet lands  4ways operating headlites signal lites brake lites  4wd activated  diff locked nothing shut off walked away come back 10-15 minutes later  turned key nothing no headlites turnsignals .no rollover replaced 10amp fuse started rite up



wtf       thanks again gremlin


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Sounds like you'll need a wiring diagram for your machine. You'll have to find out what exactly is on that circuit. As I've said before, 10amps isn't much power.

Since electrical diagrams seem to be hard to find for most machines. And for me personally, they're not easy to read. I'd probably try replacing the fuse, and without starting it up. See what works, then pull the fuse, and see what doesn't. That'll give some idea what's on the circuit. I'd also try to see if I could get the fuse to blow while it ISN'T running. Checking the turn signal, and such. That should simplify the whole process. Since then you'll know what activity caused it to blow.

For the next tests I'd start it up, but not drive it. Check each item, pulling the fuse after each test. Wiggling wires, and doing what I could to get the fuse to blow. ANYTHING to narrow it down. But being certain to pull and check the fuse between each test. I'd put it up on jack stands to test the speed sensor.

From my experience, it'll likely be something underneath the vehicle. That's where most of the destructive force is most active. So a thorough visual inspection would be a good idea while its up on stands. Paying close attention to items that are known to be on that circuit, like the speed sensor.

After that it'll be a continuity test. Chasing each wire on that circuit.

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sorry beat u to punch done it all  now to remove outer casing on wiring harness to check for  bad or damaged wire

said before signals tails speed sensor  diff lock  2 and 4 wd activator all on ignition and start  solenoid  key off nothing  with key off

turn key on everything   works  then maybe next time nothing or it would start or maybe not .like i say nothing works with key off






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