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  2. I had put a deposit down to hold the machine. The dealer told me they had the parts ordered for all of the machines they had in stock, and any new machines would be coming from the factory with the recalled parts already installed. I had checked with other dealers throughout the state and not one of the other dealers even mentioned that the Mules would needed repaired before they could sell them. Sorry Newbie in Conway... hope your not dealing with Duncan/RVT , as they werent honest with me at all. But they sure tried to sell me on a Kubota!!!
  3. Picked mine up yesterday. Will post pics later today. From March 17th to May 9th. Guess I'm luckier than some. Dealer also sells Polaris and sells more Polaris than any other. I was determined in what I wanted and waited it out... SO GLAD I did. Will still have to wait on the windshield to come in. Trust me you wont be sorry with the Mule. John Russellville, AR.
  4. @Bruce40 New to this thread. May I ask how long you have waited on your parts?

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