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  1. My dealer is in North Texas. Outdoor Powersports in Gainesville, TX, to be exact. I held off buying since January. I’ve been following you guys’ ups and downs on here. I kept in contact with my salesman over text about once a week. When he said they were starting to get parts in for some I went ahead and purchased. They kind of pride themselves on customer service and an easy sales process, it’s a pretty good-sized dealer, and they’re advertised price was lower than some other quotes I’d had with firefighter discounts and such, so I figured if anyone around here could get the parts soon it would be them. Blessed to be correct...and a bit lucky. There are 3-4 dealers closer to home than they were, but they couldn’t beat their price, and like I said...I thought a larger dealer might have the hookup with getting recall parts in quicker. I have no proof that this is true, but it made sense in my head😂. Plus, I did everything by text and email. I didn’t lay eyes on my ride until yesterday when I went to pick it up.
  2. Picked it up today. Purchase to pickup was 6 days. Salesman said they got enough parts in to finish up already sold units and got a head start on those still on the lot. Shouldn’t be too long for everyone now!
  3. Just purchased a Pro-FXT EPS today...wondering how long till it’s ready to pick up?

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