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  2. Congrats West 5757! Even though I received mine a couple weeks ago, I’ve been checking back on your progress. Glad it’s finally in the woods where it belongs!
  3. My dealer is in North Texas. Outdoor Powersports in Gainesville, TX, to be exact. I held off buying since January. I’ve been following you guys’ ups and downs on here. I kept in contact with my salesman over text about once a week. When he said they were starting to get parts in for some I went ahead and purchased. They kind of pride themselves on customer service and an easy sales process, it’s a pretty good-sized dealer, and they’re advertised price was lower than some other quotes I’d had with firefighter discounts and such, so I figured if anyone around here could get the parts soon it wou
  4. Picked it up today. Purchase to pickup was 6 days. Salesman said they got enough parts in to finish up already sold units and got a head start on those still on the lot. Shouldn’t be too long for everyone now!
  5. Just purchased a Pro-FXT EPS today...wondering how long till it’s ready to pick up?

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