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  2. I got a call from my dealership on Wednesday saying that they got word from their warehouse that my Mule had come in. On Friday morning he called back and said it just got delivered to the dealership. This morning I was able to go in and pick it up! It was a bit of a wait, but not as long as others on here and not near as long as Kawasaki had told me (another 30-60 days). I think I will be extremely happy with it. I know my kids already love it!
  3. Well, I heard back Kawasaki today. They said that it “seems” that the manufacturing plant was closed for a few weeks due to Covid-19. They said that the plant is opened back up now but they cannot give an eta on when the dealership will be receiving my Mule. He said that his best guess is somewhere between 30-60 days.... I wish they would have relayed this information to the dealership instead of leaving them in the dark on the situation. Would have been nice to know that instead of 7-10 days, it would take me 2-3 months to get the Mule. Regardless, I suppose I’m at the mercy of the virus and
  4. He had me put a $200 deposit down the day he ordered it. I planned on putting $2000 down and financing the rest but didn’t have it with me (I didn’t go intending to buy that day but ended up doing so). We did all the financing paperwork but I haven’t actually signed anything yet, nor have I given them the $2000, so I’d assume I haven’t actually technically bought it yet, just put down a deposit. I’m sure I will love it once I get it, the wait is just frustrating. I had checked Kawasaki’s website last week to see about talking to somewhere to see if I could get some information on wha
  5. I ordered a Mule Pro FXT on May 7th in Ohio. I was told it would be 7-10 days. I asked them about the recalls and if that would affect my wait time. They said that all models coming from Kawasaki at that point had all been fixed and would not be delayed because of the recalls. As of today, I am still waiting for mine. I called the dealer a little less than two weeks ago to check on it. They told me it (obviously) hadn’t come in yet but they were hoping it would be in that week. He called me that Friday (Friday before Memorial Day weekend) and said it still wasn’t there and they weren’t sure w

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