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  1. That is for the EFI models I have a carb so dont have one
  2. No it won’t idle at all and when I push the gas and get it running it’s running semi smooth no surging but as soon as I drop rpms below 1600 it stalls
  3. Hello all I have a 2010 hisun 700 carb model, it was running great all spring during covid then all of a sudden it started stalling at low RPMs and now wont idle at all. It will run if i keep my foot on the gas but its just doesn't sound right so I stopped running it. My first thought was bad fuel, we had a lot of rain this spring and thought maybe condensation so i drained the tank, changed all the filters and even got new gas line and removed the second tank just to be safe after reading about not need it, still nothing. Cleaned the carb and still nothing Bought a new carb just to be safe as they are cheap enough and still running rough Found the other issue with the Second Air Supply and a hose that comes from the exhaust that was broken, bought a new one of those and tried to attach it and it disintegrated in my hands when i touched it so i tried to attach it to the 1/2 that was left just trying to see if it would complete the vacuum but still ran rough Changed the oil and filter too just in case it was that but still nothing Took the new carb apart and cleaned it just to be safe, took out the air/fuel cover which is the stupidest thing when they send it to you without a screw driver to take the cover off so drilled it until a screwdriver could unscrew it - turned it all the way in then backed it out 2 full turns (like everyone says is the starting point) and it ran worse. Bought a new coil just in case the spark was the issue, installed that and getting good spark so not that. Bought a new air filter and have to still put that in so will try that tomorrow Anything I missing, I have tried all i know and there is not enough youtube videos on repairs on these carts so looking for you folks to see if you can assist and give me some guidance on this issue Thanks!!
  4. If you lift the back, look at the exhaust and just above it is the port here is the parts breakdown - the guy told me to remove it, seal it with smaller length screws and plug the hose or remove it completely - my guess is that i just take out the 3 way connector, connect it directly to the fuel pump and see what that does.
  5. Im in the same boat as you, when you look at the manual or the replacement part, the lower fat hose is a high heat hose, I spoke to a mechanic who in Canada is supposed to be the whos who for these machines he said it attaches to the exhaust system, mine looks like it broke off - but in the same breath he said they just take them off and seal off the vacuum hose portion (did not get exactly how he did that so bought a new one just to be safe) so I will look this weekend to see if i can find the exhaust port that it supposed to go to and see if that fixes my no idle issue - it was running fine up until 2 weeks ago then just wouldn't idle. Put in new carb, gas line, filters the works, waiting on ignition cable and fuel pump just to be safe to see if that works. Thanks
  6. I have the exact same model and I can get it up to 75 - 80 kmh per hour so around 50 mph so something aint right on yours, clean all the jets or better yet just buy a new carb ($79) and try that, there are places with the right cables out there (https://www.vmcchineseparts.com/products/chinese-throttle-cable-95-hisun-500cc-700cc-version-75 this is $19.95) so try those 2 things I have had mine since 2012, had carb replaced twice and ran amazing for 5 years each time so it is a good machine, just needs some love!!! good luck

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