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  1. Not to scare you but I had a somewhat similar issue and it was a broken valve.....in the middle of re-building the top end right now. I would remove the fan shroud and see if you can manually turn the engine over with a socket....I could not crank over by hand. Tore it apart and found a broken valve
  2. Thanks for the reminder 😁👍
  3. Well I found the culprit....broken exhaust valve. piston looks ok....appears not to have done any damage, probably because I was just cranking and not running. Lucky for me the previous owner had a number of spare parts and gave me the old head....going to rob the rocker arm from that. Going to rob a valve as well....looks like it's in good condition....no putting on the seat. Going to get some lapping compound and see how it goes.
  4. Update......looks like I busted something..... What could have caused this.... Also Engine still can't crank over by hand.....It comes to a hard stop.....moves aprox 180 deg the hits a hard something....broken valve?
  5. Ok I am hoping things aren't totally pooches Side by side stalled out on my son and wouldnt start. Seemed to have very low vacuum draw on the pump and even when primed manually it wouldn't push much gas. Have been wanting to check the valves any ways to see if they were off spec ( had been having issues with running rough) I checked the valves....intake seemed a little tight and the exhaust very tight ( exhaust were brutal to get to ) Decided to check compression while I had the plug out....picked up a new compression tester as I couldn't find mine and was getting 0 compression. Seemed strange so I pulled the tester out and cranked it with no plug to see if I was getting air movement. Seemed to be pushing air out of the plug hole fine....then heard a clunk sound and now the starter won't turn it over....it trys but it's like things are jammed. Any thoughts on how bad I have screwed up? I didn't think anything I did should have caused any damage.
  6. well.... mine is definitely not attached and it idles fine.... If there is an exhaust port that this attaches to please take a pic and post....I am getting occasional fumes in to the cab and if there is an open port that would prob be the source. I plan on removing it completely as from what I have read it was there to meet environmental standards..... (Can't remember where I read that but since mine seems to be running fine without it I will go with the assumption that it is not critical for operation)😀
  7. Thanks for the reply..... I'm really tossed on the secondary fuel tank...I see a certain benefits but don't want to complicate things just because that's the way factory did it. For some reason the machine l seems to occasionally get starved for fuel. Not sure if it's the current fuel configuration or not. Having the gravity feed to the carb would ensure that fuel was there for quick starts and would provide a kind of surge tank if there were issues with the fuel pump consistently feeding. Current system has a T just before the carb that returns excess fuel to the gas tank. This line always seems to have air bubbles in it. I'm wondering with the T being right near the carb if the fuel line to the carb is getting air locked some times. ( I'm no mechanic so there is a strong possibility that I don't know what I'm talking about) 😁 I have some fittings on order and may adjust the flow lines to a configuration similar to the Weller racing fuel set up for the Rhino https://www.wellerracing.com/Yamaha-Rhino-660-450-High-Volume-Fuel-Kit_p_8.html Have read some good things about this set up... Also may install a primer bulb on the feed to the pump to prime the pump before starting...
  8. Issue 4) Issue 4 seems to be resolved by tightening down the adjustment on the rack and pinion....there is a little slop in the steering now but no slipping.
  9. Ok update to issue 2) Massive thanks to Craig over at www.motorcycledoctor.com he was able to provide me with the diagram below, now I just need to determine if it should be re-installed.
  10. Ok update.... Have done some digging and apparently this is is the "secondary air intake pump"..... Would love some pictures of how a stock setup is configured....is this needed?
  11. 2009 Hisun 700.... previous owner did a number of changes. This part is under the driver's seat but not attached to anything. Is this the old fuel pump?
  12. Ok here is an update. Issue 1 - Issue is partly resolved....found a ground wire that wasn't connected gear selector lights no longer flicker and rev limiter isn't kicking in. Getting some backfiring when I let off the throttle abruptly bit but running much smoother Issue 2 - Still would like a picture of the fuel set up with the small tank....have been told it's a holding reservoir so the pump doesn't have to crank as much to prime. Have had a ATV tech recommend installing a check valve to prevent fuel from draining back in to the tank. Issue 3 is partly resolved as well have improved things a lot by adjusting the linkage (lock nuts had vibrated loose so it was incorrectly set). Still have some problems coming back in to neutral or getting low gear to engage. Need it bring shifter past neutral , almost in reverse and then back up to neutral. Also have occasional problems getting low gear to engage ....shifter will go in place but gearing won't grab. I need to go to low , then to high and back to low to get it to engage. Going to order the new rack and pinion later this week. It's drivable but you need to be aware that a quick evasive maneuver to the right may not work Not a bad looking unit for its age....
  13. Wasn't sure exactly how to title this thread as I have a few issues with my newly acquired hisun UTV. Hopefully going to consolidate all the issues in one thread. I purchased from a guy who had rebuilt the engine replaced the fuel pump as well as re-done the front end. He had the unit running and driving when it quit and would not start. He got frustrated and decided no more projects and sold it to me. Unit is in excellent condition physically.....hardly any scratches on the plastics. All in all its a good unit with the following issues/symptoms 1) Mis fire and stalling out when revved Well as you can see by the title of the first issue I managed to get the unit running. Seems that the battery was very weak. I charged the unit and it fired up fine. The engine seems to stutter and misfire when revved and once the unit warms up it stalls out. I think it's a fuel issue as if I give it a shot of ether it starts back up. Additional Note: Revving engine in Neutral seems to cause indication to flicker and occasionally the reverse light comes on which seems to kick in the reverse rev limiter. Have also hade this happen when driving around. Reverse Light flickers and revs get cut. 2) Fuel line configuration. When he replaced the fuel pump he got creative with the tubing and removed the "small fuel tank" (See pictures) Not sure what the purpose of this tank is but would love some pictures of a stock set up so I can put everything back together correct. 3) Issues engaging in gear The unit seems to have issues going in to gear...I will move the shifter in place but the gear won't engage and the lights don't indicate correct. It takes a few tries to engage and sometimes it grinds a bit 4) Rack and pinion slipping This problem is probably a simple replacement fix...when turning to the right with the vehicle not moving the steering just slipps and turns without turning the tire. I believe I just need to replace the rack and pinion but if there is something else please let me know. Any insight or tips on resolving any of these issues would be much appreciated.

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