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  1. It does't look at all like that. It has a small center block and a rubber boot on each end like #AC425140 thin line rack from Moore. I would take it off and measure it but I have a cab on it for winter.
  2. Yes commando two seater . Problem is if you adjust to maximum turn left then you can't get max turn right.
  3. Anyone know which rack & pinion from Moore Parts would work on a 07 C2 and if it has more throw then stock ?
  4. Any aftermarket stick-stoppers out there for the front drive shafts? The factory pastric ones are useless. I also found a source for cv boots, Norrec Industries, www.norrecind.com. They're a universal boot that fits commando,trooper and renegade.They'er a tough fit to get them over the rear outside cv , but they seem like a tough rubber. They'er pretty proud of them, $34 apiece at a polaris dealer. The website shows a list of other dealers but all I have is polaris.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. There seems to be 3 or 4 different sizes on the C2
  6. Does anyone have a cross-reference number for the outside rear cv boot for a 07 c2 commando?
  7. I new the Renegade was lockable but didn't know if it would interchange. Thanks I'll look into the sand spider.
  8. Thanks for everyones input. This is not a big deal to me just something i've been kicking around in my head. I run 27" bighorns so i'm not to aggressive for tread. The rearend just pushes pretty hard in a turn if you have a load on board. My thinking was to just replace the needed guts of the diff. to make it limited-slip or unlockable. thanks again i'll keep doing some reseach.
  9. I found that after looking at the parts book it looks the front is limlted-slip and the rear is locked. I was wondering that since the front and rear have the same housing and gears I could get the slip gears for the front and put them in the rear. It may sound crazy but i'd give up the traction for less turf damage.
  10. Glad to find this site. There does not appear to be any slip in the rear end at all as both rear tires continue to dig in and push the rig forward in a turn. It's done this since new.
  11. I have am 07 C2 and would like to change the rear diff. to a lockable at best or a true unlocked diff. at worst. I'd like to reduce the turning radus and not tear up the grass. It looks like the front and rear diffs. are the same,if so can you put front diff. parts in the rear? Thanks for any help.

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