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  2. Thanks. I will keep you posted. I am going to contact Hisun to clear up why the dashboard gauge shows no problem. Alice is named after my wife's late mother, who lived with us in the last few years of her life. She died in 2015 at 93. We also have a motorhome, used as a studio, named Zella and a riding mower named Goldie (she is orange).
  3. To follow up. I headed out to the vehicle (henceforth known as Alice) and first measured the "bad" battery and one of the "good" batteries. I had fully charged Alice a few days before. The dashboard charger showed "FULL". The bad battery measured 4.35 volts and the good battery measured 6.48 volts. I tried to move Alice forward in Max mode and got the error. Then I tried to back her up and that worked for a moment before I got the error. I thought that maybe if I went VERY SLOWLY I might be able to get her to move and that is what I did, moving her foot by foot backwards up the hil
  4. The OPEN CIRCUIT VOLTAGE TO THE STATE OF CHARGE diagram is very useful and seems to mirror what I have found in measuring the batteries.
  5. That's interesting. So after the first time in the shop you started testing the batteries and only a couple, or three would show low (you said you replaced them in stages 2,2 then 3). I didn't really want to have to pull all the batteries out of the vehicle and haul them to the mechanic (or pay $200 roundtrip for someone to haul it) but maybe that is what I need to do. Did you happen to keep a log of the voltages? I got myself a pretty good multimeter which I have been using. Looks like we have to educate ourselves! I will try and contact Hisun down in Texas, where they assemble and t
  6. So were you checking your batteries yourself and when you saw they were down you brought them in? The good ones show about 6.58 when fully charged and the bad one shows 6.28. These values drop after use and at one point the good ones were 6.39 and he bad ones 5.35. I have tried to talk to the Hisun distributor here and it looks like they have little experience with these machines. The mechanic I will be bringing it to has never worked on an electric Hisun before. What confuses me is that when my wife took the vehicle out yesterday the energy gauge (or whatever you call it) showed fu
  7. Thanks Gorj. I am a little afraid to try that. Hopefully with the weather warming up the batteries will charge enough to get her home. Osney. I am curious as to how/why your 7 batteries were changed out in stages. Were they not all tested when you first brought the vehicle in? That makes me worry even more . What type of battery are they? We have the Discovery Dry Cell. Also, you mention an isolation switch. Where do I find that? I am attaching the Owner's Manual as you mentioned you didn't have it. Wish us luck! Owner+Manual+-+Sector+E1.pdf
  8. Hi Osney, Since we last wrote winter has descended upon us and today it is -10C. Today my wife was out and even though the vehicle was fully charged it couldn't make it up the first hill and is in fact stranded there now after giving a new error code 4dc3 which is Power Supply Critical. Hopefully left overnight, and with weather warming up slightly, we can get the vehicle home. We have not brought the vehicle in yet as my wife wanted to do more work with it before bringing in. The service centre said to just bring in the battery in question, the one that has tested low since th
  9. Hi Osney, I am very pleased that you responded to my post. I hope you don't mind if I ask you for some suggestions on how I should proceed. We took possession of our Hisun last May. Right away I noticed that the charge meter would go down after only a few kilometers. I got very little guidance from the selling dealer, or from Hisun Canada. I bought myself a multimeter and started to test all the batteries, keeping a log of my readings. I am only able to measure open current, not the current under load. I quickly identified one battery that was always below spec after a full
  10. I think it was the same thing with ours as we bought it early in the summer, but it is a 2019 (we did get a $1500 discount on the price though). I tried to ask the selling dealer how they had maintained the batteries but they were vague and in any case they had been in Texas for a while before coming up to Canada. How many batteries did your friend have to replace? We as well only use it around our 75 acre property. A few miles if that each outing. Otherwise we are very happy with the vehicle.
  11. Exactly. Any other problems? I have at least one defective battery. Has less than 100 miles on it.
  12. Hi, Have you resolved your problem? We have a 2019 with now just over 100KM on it and we are having a similar problem. I just started measuring the open voltage on the batteries and found that after fully charging overnight one of the batteries measured 6.38 volts while all the other measured 6.57-6.58. I am monitoring the battery voltage drop overtime as we use it. Like you, some minor "hills". Often there are two people in the cab, but other than that we don't strain her hard. From the beginning it seemed like the power meter dropped quickly. I am having a hard time with the Canadian
  13. Have the same problem. I might try your solution. I just pull up on the brake pedal and that fixes it when it happens.

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