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  2. So very sorry to hear of your woes. I only run premium fuel in mine with an occasional does of octane boost to keep the fuel system clean. Anything else and it spits and sputters like it wants to die.
  3. After days of searching, finally found online on EBAY. (Most of that time spent searching for a part number! 👍
  4. New Owner here. Working on adding some new lighting and want to use Factory Electrical connectors instead of cutting wires and risking failures later. I have a set of whip antenna that include taillight functions and wanted to use the trailer plug at the back of the utv provide signal and power. Unfortunately, finding the factory plugs for trailer wiring is a bit difficult. Are there any sources available on here for ordering such parts? I know that there are a lot of plugs unused and capped with terminators so they are prepared for accessories just finding them is another story.

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