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  1. Thank you for your interest my friend. My English is a little bad. That's why I got lost in the service manual. I could not get enough information.
  2. Hi friends, I have a new utv Hisun 700. My problem is idle adjustment. How is idle adjustment done? While my engine is idling 2500- 2700 rpm. I need idling adjustment 1500 rpm. Where I am, there is no master who understands this tool. How do you do the idle setting? Can you help me? Hello everyone. Thank you.
  3. seat belt fastened, but retarder applied. I have to find a way to cancel the speed breaker somehow. Actually, I had never worn both of them together. I was just wearing the driver's side. I will plug them in tomorrow and check for changes. Thank you
  4. Hello there. I have the same vehicle. There is a speed limit of 40 km. How did you cancel this limit?
  5. I found the source of the problem. The problem was that the idle was running at high speed. It does not allow gear shifting because the idle is high. However, this time I could not find a master who could adjust the idle speed. Does anyone know how to set idle?
  6. I am not trying too hard. If I force it, yes it does. For example, it happened on my motorcycle. I found and figured out that it was due to the cable coming out of the hand clutch being dislodged. However, I'm new to utv. Even though I pressed the fire, I could not understand why the gear was not softening. It definitely has a setting. When I tried it in the morning, I ran it with gear in neutral. I put it in forward gear. There was no problem. However, I could not put it in the reverse gear this time. Perhaps I think it's related to the speed setting. I loosened the speed setting a little. Be
  7. Hi friends. I'm Anıl. I live in Turkey. I have a Hisun 700 UTV 2015 Models. My problem is : inability to change gear after the engine has started. Before the engine starts, it can shift into all gears; but after running, I cannot change gear. At about 3000 km. Fuel injection model. Can anyone help on this topic? Thank you!

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