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Hisun 700 UTV Top Speed


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I recently bought a 2010 Hisun 700 UTV and have been having a heck of a time with the throttle cable and carb.  I did get it to 38 miles an hour, but now its dropped to 33.  Is that the full speed for this buggy?  I am on my second throttle cable trying to find the correct length to make the speed consistent. I floor it, but it takes a good while to get up to speed.  What is everyone else getting for speed?  And any ideas on how to set the throttle cable or adjust the carb?  Thank you!! 

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There has to be something wrong. I have had mine to 92kph ( 57mph) for a constant speed. Mind you that was with the stock clutch and I have put in a new one and haven't used it for a while to actually see what the top speed of it is now.  And that 92 kph was pretty quick to get too.  I would say something is wrong with yours.  When we pulled the stock chinese clutch, the plastic slides i think were all broke apart.


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Have your clutches serviced.

I had the same issue on a 2012 ys700 and found the primary and secondary clutches had never been serviced and were gummed up. clean them up and lube them per spec and you should be flying down the trail in no time.

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I have the exact same model and I can get it up to 75 - 80 kmh per hour so around 50 mph so something aint right on yours, clean all the jets or better yet just buy a new carb ($79) and try that, there are places with the right cables out there (https://www.vmcchineseparts.com/products/chinese-throttle-cable-95-hisun-500cc-700cc-version-75  this is $19.95) so try those 2 things

I have had mine since 2012, had carb replaced twice and ran amazing for 5 years each time so it is a good machine, just needs some love!!!


good luck

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On 1/20/2021 at 6:13 PM, ANIL SEDALI said:


Hello there. I have the same vehicle. There is a speed limit of 40 km. How did you cancel this limit?

I have the same problem with myUTV  Hisun 700 and the 40 km/h speed limiter.  How can i disconnect this, preferably with a switch. 

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