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  1. 100% right on the pink junk being Stabil. It’s no help for Ethanol. This is a discussion I have with customers all the time when I test their “100%” gasoline and show them 4-8% ethanol in it. I always recommend the best non-ethanol you can find PLUS an ethanol treatment. Ethanol-shield* and Startron* have both worked ok.
  2. Ben1098 put some good info here. I have had situations where a customers’ fuel is so bad that even if I put good fuel directly into the cylinder, the bad fuel spraying in from the injector IMMEDIATELY diluted my good fuel and it wouldn’t burn. I had to completely remove the bad fuel source before it would even pop.
  3. I have had good luck crossing Massimo parts over to the Cub Cadet Challenger 550.
  4. Thanks! I have power to the fuel pump, ignition coil and everything else. I Installed a new Relay unit & a new ECM and that didn’t change anything. I’m starting to think the problem may be a bad ground. I haven’t been going that direction though because the starter cranks and all other options and accessories have power. I’ll post more later.
  5. Ben...Thanks a lot for the info! I’ll check it out. Joe... This post is asking “does the fuel pump cycle when the key is in the run position” NOT “what’s your opinion of Massimo” I know it’s not the same quality as my Teryx, It’s a project machine that I payed $200 for.
  6. If the engine is only cranking but not popping, backfiring etc. Then like T-Boss 410 said, the injector could be bad. Massimo does not have a inline fuel filter, just a screen. This apparently leads to a lot of bad injectors. A common bad injector symptom is the motor will start and idle but fall off under acceleration. In your case, there is nothing, so let’s look further. Check the spark with a GOOD TESTER. I’ve been an equipment mechanic for 30+ years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a spark plug fire when laid on the engine block THEN NOT FIRE when it’s installed and un
  7. Thank you for the reply. That was my thinking but I just bought this one as-is so I wasn’t sure. The service manual doesn’t say much but I’m thinking the only part that would effect the fuel pump, injector and spark would be the ECU. I thought possibly bad ground but it looks ok and the engine cranks over great.
  8. My thinking is that if they are supposed to cycle with just the key to the RUN position, then it would not be the CPS.
  9. Can anyone tell me if their fuel pump and injector cycle when you turn the key to the RUN position. My thinking is that if they cycle with the key on before cranking, this rules out the crank position sensor. Thanks
  10. Can anyone tell me if their MSU 500 or 700 fuel pump and injector cycle when you turn the key on? This will help me rule out the Crank Position Sensor as a problem. I just bought this non-running and the service manual is not much help. Thanks
  11. IslandHopper


  12. Hi everyone. New guy here. This is a project UTV. A 2015 Massimo MSU 500. Cranks over fine BUT no spark, no fuel pump power and no injector cycle. Everything else has power and works ok. with my fluke meter, I am getting 12v to the coil and to one of the red wires on the fuel pump plug. The fuses in the relay box are all good. I wouldn’t think a CPS would effect the fuel pump, just the spark. Could this be a bad ECU? Thanks.
  13. Same with me. In my area a 7 or 8 year old Ranger 700 can still bring $12,000 The same price as acomparable cc new Odes or Cub Cadet. After going to the dealers and checking out the new Ranger 500, Mule Pro MX, Pioneer etc. I thought they looked fairly decent and they are all selling for around 9k. (10k drsssed up) aside from just more cc’s can’t see why anyone would buy the old Ranger or other new brands for 12k.

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