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  2. my brother lives down in nc im up in ny is it worth the trip? I would get a kick out of scooping him and taking him out there thanks
  3. sick video looks like fun its like a mini glamis!
  4. Hey so after seven years of marriage and two children I am finally hitting that point in life when a man must become a kid again! I plan to purchase my first utv within the next 5 months or so. Looking to gain as much info and possibly even some fellow riders to show me the ropes. Ive been to a few places on the west coast after living in arizona for a few years and i cant wait to get behind the wheel again.
  5. Hey ive been to Glamis a few times and its worth the trip! Oldsmobile hill is insane to rip up you wont be disappointed! I went on a yamaha yz450 r with paddle tires and a sand rail and it was one of the best trips of my life it reminded me something like being in a mad max movie. At night as far as the eye can see crawls glowing desert night worms slithering around the dunes as riders one in front of the other crawl through the dunes in single file. ENJOY!

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