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  2. The manual calls for gear to be in neutral to shift into four wheel drive. Could this be the problem?
  3. Correction. Diagram for full exhaust system is shown under muffler at least for 750
  4. On the lower right side of engine (passenger side) the 2 1/2 rubber outlet hose your talking about is cooling fan from engine. You can extend that a bit down and to back and will make a little quieter.
  5. Markus I’m very new to this however go to cub cadet parts and inter the model number for your machine. Go to gaskets and seals and then exhaust pipe gaskets. Should show item no and price. $13.33 for my 750. Doesn’t appear to have a diagram for exhaust system.
  6. Just purchased a 2017, 750 challenger with 148 hours with one hour on new 2019 engine from Cub Cadet that per invoice cost $4704.28 + tax. That’s almost half of what the whole UTV cost new in 2017. Unbelievable! I have serviced everything as per manual and done the things posts on forum said to do to reduce noise. Has old exhaust and per this forum will probably break soon. Just ordered a new rear window to cut down on dust and air. Plan on taking to cabin we have near Custer SD in Black Hills with US Forestry roads all around us. Should be fun if reasonably reliable.

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