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  1. Yep its a harbor freight engine. Crazy if you google it people are easily doubling the horsepower with a cam change.
  2. Its stock so it must be the vacuum pump. I will have to pull the engine to look at it as I cant get the cowling off. I wonder if the diaphragm could be ripped?
  3. Well that was interesting. I went to move the buggy and it didnt want to start. Got it going and it was fogging the neighborhood. I was like crap blown engine. Oil sparying out of the exhaust. I pulled the filter off and the carb was full of oil. Checked the oil and it was way overfilled. So I started draining it and it was full of gas. What the heck?🤨
  4. Got the brakes fixed. I believe I need to just remove the governor as I believe that is causing the issues. Looks like I will have to fabricate something.
  5. I checked it out and the springs are still there. I will pull the carb apart this weekend. It doesnt go full throttle but is jerky. Also repairing the brakes as the lines were all split. They just came in. And putting on wheel spacers to keep the huge tires from rubbing on the tie rods.
  6. Hey folks, I just picked up a 2010 landmaster. The last guy changed the engine to a 653 predator. Anyone have experience with these? Trying to figure out the throttle. It doesnt gently start off Like most engines. Push the gas and vroom! Is that the way these are?
  7. I just ordered these same ones. Mine are 4/110 we will see how they work.
  8. I was just researching wheel spacers myself. The last guy put to big of tires on and they are rubbing on the tie rods. I was just going to get the cheap ebay ones.
  9. Well that didnt work. The original belt is way to short to fit with the predator engine.
  10. Hey folks. New guy here. I just picked up a 2010 4wd-653. Didnt pay much but it needs tlc for sure. No brakes! I found the front brake line broken so got another from american landmaster Goodness they are high. Replaced it and found another leak in the rear line. Rats. So I just ordered another. The last owner replaced the engine with a 22 hp predator. Seems to fit well but the belt is way off. I got another one from you guessed it. It is way different. I will have to pull the motor to get the old belt off. Any help is appreciated.

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