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    2003 mule 3010 gas
  1. not really - i purchased a new fuel pump after all the messing around with this and that but i never put the fuel pump on and its doing ok so far but i bet it will show itself again eventually - the gas models must be a breed of their own cause i have yet to figure this one out

  2. i have read several topics about similiar problems but would ike to ask if the tank itself is vented can this become clogged somehow - if i get out on the road and run for a few miles as fast as the mule will go then it dies out on me - its as if the fuel pump cant keep up because if i stop for a few it will corret itself and run ok then - i have adjusted valves and cleaned tank new fuel and filter new carb and it runs great other than when i open it up for a few miles - is the cap vented or can the vent for the tank be stopped up- are there vented caps for these tanks or is this cap supposed to be vented and maybe the gasket has the vent hole stopped up - i cant tell by looking at it - thanks for the help
  3. thanks rick - i spent all day looking and wanted to order it before the day was too far gone to help with shipping time - i oredered if from cheap cycle parts - they were not the cheapest but they had all the gaskets i needed and i wanted to save on shipping by getting everything from one place - well if i had it to do over i would have ordered from one of the ebay guys - seemed very nice and helpful and his price was by far the best but at the time i didnt know he had the gaskets as well - if i would have gotten his email soon enough i would got everything from him - and i think i will do some business with him in the future because he was so helpful and if something is out of stock like the carb then i will cancel and order from him - give him a shot if you need something ----louispowersports.com he has other stuff on ebay as well
  4. Eureka -- well good news bad news -- instead of using wd40 i used the carb cleaner to spray around the carb because after cleaning the carb inside and out removing jets - all looked clean but i still had the problem of idling up - so i sprayed the carb cleaner around and there it was - around the throttle shaft where the spring is and the black plastic rod that actuates the throttle shaft it idled right up - did it several times to make sure that is where the problem was - now i dont understand this because the mule has very few hours on it and i cant imagine it being worn out - regardless i dont know of a way to get rid of the vacuum leak so i plan to order a new carb adn get rid of this problem that has bugged me for too long - any suggestions on where to get a carb replacement and thanks for all the help
  5. rick i dont think so but it does have a bypass of some sort to keep the fuel pump pressure from building up - a valve that allows the fuel to bypass and go back to the tank - it keeps the fuel pressure low enough to the float valve can prevent fuel from flooding the bowl - i dont have a guage yet to check that but i have ordered one that goes inline - the only idle adjustment is on the fuel/governor linkage and its ok - before i started messing with the carb it idle just right so i have really stirred something up in the carb and just dont have it all out is where i am leaning right now unless someone convinces me otherwise- i just need to do more cleaning and the pilot circuit is where i need to focus on - i just need to figure out hwo to clean it and exactly where its at and where it goes
  6. i took it out today after putting cleaned carb on and same thing - it starts out trying to rev up on its own - i disconnected the arm coming from the governor and it made no difference at all - it still revs up so i drove it around a little and no change - reconnected the governor and parked it - after revving up if i turn the key off several times just before it cuts off and turn the key back on it may idle down but i have to do it several times for it to work and sometimes it backfires a little - but thats the only way to get it to idle down --- if the engine is idling and you give it gas --- it sitll has the dead spot in the mid part of the pedal pretty bad but if you floor it for a second it picks up great but doesnt come back down - its like once its gets the gas going to it the engine itself sucks the fuel from somewhere and just keeps going up from there - if its under no load it will run wide open but i try not to let it do that as i have read this will damage the valve rods or break the connecting rod and i have enough problems already without that - i need to find out where its getting the fuel from if the throttle is closed
  7. well i cleaned and blew the carb out really well and the only difference now that i can tell is i have a really clean carb - it even looked clean inside when i took bowl off and i did catch all the jets holes cracks crevices that i saw - when i sprayed the carb cleaner in everything i saw it come out other places so i feel pretty good about it - my problem now is -------- well i actually cleaned carb twice because i didnt think i got rid of the problem the first time so in the mean time it started idling up or even revving up on its on - it would do this in gear or in neutral and woudl just keep going higher and higher unless i turned the switch off - that was the only way to get it to idle down - not a safe situatioin either let me tell ya - im glad it has good brakes on it - if i do get it to idle it will spit a little and sputter then idle up sometimes going out of control after spitting -----once you give it gas it just keeps going up and up - if in gear it wont go wide open but it will stay high enough to move the mule up a hill without me touching the pedal ------- any suggestions now ?? thanks for the help
  8. thanks plumber for the reply - where did you get this painless dual battery controller ---- maybe a link or site address -- that sounds exactly like what i am looking for -
  9. so far its no better - i will wait until i finish this tank of gas out and will do it on a weekend when i have time to get it all done at one sitting --- thanks for the info too - one more thing i wanted input on -- the battery - i plan to put a bigger battery in it but i want to do it different - i bet there is 4 or 5 wires connected to the battery for different things like the dump bed lift and i would like to put a master cut off switch on for the battery and one for a winch that i want to put on at a later date - what i want is something i cant find exactly - i want some type of covered or waterproof maybe type of bar busbar but without fuses - a bar of some type that i can connect all the positive and negative wires to - a block of some sort that makes it all neat and tidy - does such a thing exist and if so i sure would like to know where to find one thanks
  10. i have a 2003 gas 3010 and i want to add a few things but before i do i would like your opinions or suggestions - so far i have put a front and rear hitch on it and i want to add a winch on a plate where i can use it in the rear or the front - all the wires come with it for both hookups - oh by the way ebay has 1 left if anyone is interested- here is a link http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=390283603790&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT - its a front and rear taht sells for 400 bucks and they have it for 139 but its specific to 3000 series mules - i hope its ok to post that if not delete ----anyhow i would like to do 2 things but i want to do it right so if its a bad idea speak up - i want to replace my battery with a larger battery or add an extra battery just for the winch - now how it will get charged or where to put it will take some thought - also i want to put a master switch somewhere to cut everything off - mostly for security reasons but if thats a bad idea then i will scrap it --- tell me your thoughts on all this - one more thing - i would like to put a volt and amp meter on it somewhere just viewing the charging system - something small mounted out of the way but again if thats a bad idea its ok too - i guess i am bored and just want to mess - i appreciate any suggestions
  11. i just purchased a low hours 2003 mule 3010 gas - i swear its the best thing i have purchased in a long time - i realized that after hauling wood with it yesterday - i purchased it from the original owners sons - owner passed - it had been sitting for a long time and bad gas wouldnt run very well - it had been back to kawasaki shop earlier for the same problem bad gas - they put new tank on it and i assume cleaned carbs and it ran fine after that but again they left it sitting - then i got it - i emptied tank out and the tank looks brand new inside - so i put new high grade fuel in it with some sea foam and its getting better - it will idle now without cutting off - it has 160 hours on it and i have run 1/4 of this tank of fuel out and the only problem i notice now is it has a lag at first throttle - if you tap the gas it will go on but it may even cut off with you if you dont tap it or pull the choke out and push it back in real quick to get going - i think this will clear up with time or i hope it will but if it doesnt i can live with it but would consider working on it if i have to - i looked for the right section to put my questions in on this couldnt really decide on which so someone make a suggestion for service or maintenance area to post - good to be here and look forward to reading smg if my picture doesnt show with my name i will post a pic of it on its first day at work with me !!

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