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acts like its running out of gas

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i have read several topics about similiar problems but would ike to ask if the tank itself is vented can this become clogged somehow - if i get out on the road and run for a few miles as fast as the mule will go then it dies out on me - its as if the fuel pump cant keep up because if i stop for a few it will corret itself and run ok then - i have adjusted valves and cleaned tank new fuel and filter new carb and it runs great other than when i open it up for a few miles - is the cap vented or can the vent for the tank be stopped up- are there vented caps for these tanks or is this cap supposed to be vented and maybe the gasket has the vent hole stopped up - i cant tell by looking at it - thanks for the help

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Tank has to be vented or recirculated back to the fuel intake system (smog setup). Sounds like you have just a tank so there has to be a vent on the tank or in the cap. Don't fill the tank full, leave the cap loose or off and take it for a run.

If it has a carb, sounds like a the float bowl setting. The floats are set too low and you are running out of fuel.

Good luck,

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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