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  1. As I said before, e-mail for me is not the best form of communication for me. I understand you have an impairment, but a phone conversation is still best. My brother has had over 40% loss his whole life and 60% on one side. I have phone conversations with him all the time. I am used to huh, and repeating myself. So give me a call. E-mail sent.
  2. Can't even type my own number.LOL....Thanks Quig!
  3. Your right 8.5 is too much stroke. You see with my relationship with AFCO, I have the ability to use different body lengths and shafts to adjust for extended length and maximum stroke requirements. This way the shock will allow for maximum available travel, yet yet remain a oem direct bolt application. Get info the old fashion way, give me a call. 951-782-1479. I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. No, they are a 2.0 with 7" of stroke unless someone wants to shave their fenders then 8" stroke starting at $1400.00
  5. Below is a link to one of many places to purchase adjustable limit straps. You are correct, limit straps do stretch over time. This way you can adjust the stop location very easily. These are used on most Offroad Racecars.http://www.pacificcustoms.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=PC&Product_Code=RA18901&Category_Code=
  6. Pricing can be found on my website. www.makintraxsuspension.com The three setups I will offer for the Joyner will be the AFCO MT-1, AFCO MT-3 and AFCO Silver Series. Look in the Polaris RZR catagory. The lengths will be designed around available travel for maximum droop and maximum compression or bump without tearing the fenders off. More up travel is available but will require fender trimming or wheel offsets.Makin Trax Suspension www.makintraxsuspension.com 951-782-1479
  7. Yes they are rebuildable and re-valveable. Parts are readily available. There are 40 plus service centers around the country and of course Makin Trax. We provide the high standards in customer service. AFCO Shocks are 100% made right here in the USA. The time between service is dependent on a wide variable of conditions, care and driving styles. My high mileage guys I see once a year and they are putting in about 2000 miles a year. Duners I see their shocks more often due to the fine sand. I do customers re-valves and service if they pay for the shipping. Is that what you needed to know?
  8. Perfect, I will move forward based on that info. Thanks Rick!
  9. How would I get the contact info for the factory guys?
  10. I think you finally made it perfectly clear! LOL.......................................................BTW let me know if there is a difference in length of the shocks guys. Thanx
  11. If I left you with that impression about Quig.............................I'm sorry, let's clear that up! LOL Speaking of Quig, I got a call from him while driving back from Rick's house. One, he was very happy about his first real test ride with the AFCO Shocks. I'll let him tell you guys about that. The second thing that came up in the conversation was that the suspension geometry is different on the T4 than the T2. My understanding was they are the same except the springs. Can anyone confirm or clarify this for me? Now that I have the numbers I need I will be able to put together a lineup
  12. Hi - My name is Steve and I am Makin Trax Suspension. Makin Trax is the sole distributor for AFCO Racing Shocks and King Springworks Progressive Rate Springs as it relates to offroad especially UTV related products. Most of my focus has been with the Rhino & RZR's. I was asked to put something together for the Joyner and reluctantly did via phone conversations to get the needed information to put a setup together. I am a hands on person and really needed to physically work on the car to get the right info. Well we did pull it off and Larry Quigley has a set of AFCO's on his car. I am going

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