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    • the stock cage is weaker than I thought

      So while building my cage I made one bend a couple of degrees over. It was literally 3 degrees off. So I wedged it in my tube bender, had my wife sit on it while I pulled like hell, and several attemps, and got it within one degree. So with my wife (130lbs) and me pulling my 185lb ass off all it left was a couple of small dents in the 1 3/4 .095 wall hrew I am using for half of the cage. The other half is .120 wall DOM. So once I got done getting it to shape I thought to myself that I need to see what happens if I try it with the stock cage. I wanted to know if all this effort is worth it. Well, I finally got around to it today. This is what happened with just me pulling (no wife for extra leverage) and with half my effort: If you ever had a endo in a trooper you would not walk away. Can it handle a flop or a slow sideways rollover... Probably, but an extreme impact and it will wrap around you like a street taco.

      By 2scoops, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • If you thought the T2 was fun...

      Wait till you see this!!! YOWZA. Where can I get one of these??? Do I have to be a JEDI to get it? http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/futureoftech/hover-bike-lets-you-drive-jedi-956125

      By Tinman, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • Went for a ride, thought I'd share some photos

      Went for a ride today and it was sure pretty, lots of greenery, flowers, some deer, cool, high, drove in some snow. Actually, American Fork Canyon would make a good place for a Jamboree, there are enough trails to keep everyone busy for at least 3 day and some sincere tough stuff for those who want and some spectacular scenery for every one, it's all green scenery so maybe a few desert lovers won't be intrigued. There are golf courses near by that you drive your Trooper to. Fishing. First of several, also have the gpx file if you want it, PM with your email address.

      By Kinarfi, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

      • 11 replies
    • Red Cloud Mine Road, Yuma, AZ

      This is one of the places I am taking the Trooper in Feb / Mar 2011, http://www.in-the-desert.com/redcloud.html and http://iv4x4.forumotion.net/schedule-a-new-run-f7/red-cloud-mine-clip-wash-cibola-lake-t322.htm and http://www.socoloriver.com/id27.html and finally http://www.dzrtgrls.com/red_cloud_mine/red_cloud_mine.htm rocmoc n AZ/Baja

      By rocmoc, in UTV Ride Reports - Where to Ride

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    • Table Mesa Road / Tip Top Mine / Packer UTV, ATV and Off Road Trail

      Here's a new trail we just rode to the Tip Top Mine. It took us a step back in time to the late 1880s All the info including maps, videos and pictures are here SouthwestUTV.com---UTV, ATV and Off Road Trail Information Thanks and enjoy!

      By SouthwestUTV.com, in UTV Ride Reports - Where to Ride

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