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We removed a bunch of spam!

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Ok, folks, we got spammed with a bunch of PORN which is unacceptable. These users have been suspended, we also tightened the security around here, and cleaned up the mess.

If you spam these boards you will be banned!

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    • By Peter Hiross
      Hey everybody,
      I've been toying with pickup a side-by-side for a while now and I'm hoping to get some advise from folks here. I live in Colorado and we have land @ 9500 ft.  I plan on using the utv for hunting, general work around the property and of course fun riding trails.  I'd like to keep the costs down no more than 17K if possible.  What's the track record for Tracker UTV.  Are they reliable?  I like the SVX 1000 but I am Leary as I've head they have problems.  I also been looking at the Yamaha wolverine X2 XT-R.  I like the Tracker for the price and horsepower and the larger cargo bed.   I want something reliable than can start in cold weather.  The wolverine seems to have everything I want except maybe a little light on the horsepower.  Not sure if power diminishes with altitude but I can tell you at 10,000 our generators are about 1/2 capacity.    Yamaha  also has a $1500.00 rebate and I can pick up the unit @ $13,999.00 which will beat the tracker and the wolverine will have a sun roof and winch already included.  I know Yamaha engines are good but not sure of everything else.   Thoughts anyone?  Thanks in advance!
    • By Travis
      Hi all!! Does anyone know if they make UTV Security "Alarms" Power and Telephone peeps have been cutting trees, and i don't really trust them, some look suspect, and im gone alot of the day too
      Sorry if my question is hard to understand.
      KAWASAKI MULE 550, KAF300C5, 286 CC
    • By Fairview
      So I've got my Mule and now wondering about security as it's on a small Horse yard that is not monitored at night.
      I bought a heavy duty Chain and Lock but someone suggested to just put a tracker on it.
      Has anyone every heard of doing this? I guess the biggest thing is keeping the battery charged on the Tracker and whether or not you need a SIM card in it, i.e. like a mobile phone?
    • By Mopartist
      With the summer 2011 Jamboree coming up; I thought it might be a good idea to get to know one another a little better, So how about some pics of ourselves and include name and message board handles. It'd be nice to show up at the Jamboree and kinda have an idea of who's who; don't ya think? Ill be glad to start this one off
    • By brostar
      Here is the new post to vote for the best ten Troopers out there. Just add a reply and add who you like and then after a period of time, one of the moderators can take over, count up and start the poll with the top four. It could be because of aftermarket upgrades, stock upgrades or just a fantastic photo.
      I’ll start the ball rolling, one vote for each of these Troopers. You can cast a vote for your Trooper.
      Quig's Rig. Great Ass. http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2129294760104282158swtAvD
      4x4x454’s Rig Beautiful photos.
      Snowman's No Limits rig last year. There is no way you can leave this beast out. http://image10.autorevo.com/380/pics/2782743_914acbc1-d44b-4318-9ee1-5ac71a1e7831.jpg
      stevozz’s rig. Are you kidding, have you seen the photos yet. http://www.utvboard.com/gallery/member/744-stevozz/
      Were got to have a couple of T4’s so Rick’s http://www.utvboard.com/gallery/album/475/29-my-t-4/
      and Paiute’s T4
      That will do for a start. I didn't add Lenny's, rocmocs, Kinarfi's, plumbers and others because I know they will be included. Mines not there cause she's stock standard apart from a few hidden bits. A plane Jane that rock and rolls.
      Cheers Mike.

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