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coleman 550 outfitter , won't start


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Okay working on a neighbors 550 outfitter , pulling a trouble code E-200 , NOT IN MANUAL  and even the Mfg. cannot answer this question , figured it had something to do with timing due to timing chain being really loose and jumping gears , so pulled apart new timing chain and oil pump chain alligned timing marks . and piston wasn't in BTDC position, and with the keyways alligned did what manual said , so after pulling apart and installing all new IAT sensor , coil, and cleaning throttle body , pulling these codes 200,113, 351 , then I find out this machine was at a coleman dealership for 7 weeks and they just gave up , I can't do that , so if anyone out there can tell me what the hell a E-200 trouble code is will greatly appreciate it !!

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Thanks but think I found the critter , the cam pressure relief spring had broken had to remove the head again to make sure nothing got crushed , but found everything installed new spring put back together , but made sure that the timing marks were where they were supposed to be , adjusted valve springs and it started right up, ran for a few seconds and I believe some garbage got into the fuel system , but thats for tomorrow problem solving !! ROFL thank's for sharing

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