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2023 Tracker 800SX LE

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 *** 2023 TRACKER 800SX LE UPDATE ***

After several days of negotiating back and forth I was finally able to get my UTV swapped out for a new 2023. There was a problem with my 2022 where the vehicle would not stay in park. I must say that my local Cabela's Tracker Outdoor sales department manager and service manage took very good care of this situation. 👍 After about 30-days of my vehicle being held ransom I got a full refund and bought another Tracker to give them one more chance. I have used the vehicle several times now out at my property moving brush and fallen trees. The dump bed feature is very nice but be careful when having a receive tow hitch on and dumping a load or the tailgate will hit against the ball.

I added a backup camera 📷 last night which helps greatly when maneuvering through tight places in the 🌲 forest. I bought an inexpensive unit off Amazon for $69.00 and works perfectly. I ran the wiring alongside the existing wiring on the vehicle to the back and drill the camera toward the very bottom of the tailgate. Here are a few photos.

RV Backup Camera System, 7 inch Monitor Vehicle Backup Camera, Waterproof Rear View Camera with Night Vision 18 IR LED Reverse Truck Wired Back Up Camera for Cars/Trailer/Van/Jeep/SUV                                                                        https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FG862D7?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details




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