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what air box??

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    • By Jamesjoh
      I have been looking to outfit my new Polaris xp 1000 but have been finding prices all over the range for the same item. So I thought it would be good idea if we could all share here where you are finding the best prices and service rzr xp1000 accessories whether it be a local motorsport store or online.

    • By Kingfish
      I've had a battery failure and need one replacement.  The local distributor told me it might take up to four weeks to get one.  I'd like to order one in sooner than that if possible.  Any help would be appreciated.
    • By Aaron Colona
      Just bought a brand new 760 about a month ago. I'm at 20 hours which the book says is when you need to change the break in oil. 
      I must be crazy, but I can't find the oil filter. I've googled a million videos...everything seems to be 2019 or lower...and/or a 550.  They all show the filter easily seen by looking in past the rear passenger tire on the engine. There is absolutely nothing there on mine. 
      1.there seems to be very little info if you Google a 760, or anything Massimo newer than like 2019. 
      2. Does anyone have a current model year 760 that can answer my riddle for me? 
    • By T-boss 410
      Just curious if this can be done. Even if it's a remote filter, I would feel better if it actually has a filter.
      Thanks 👍
    • By Hector
      Hello all,
      I got a 2009 T2 and found the wiring on the fuse box that holds the fuel pump and ecu power had a short and was not wired correctly. I wanted to see if anyone could provide a picture of the back of theirs so i can see how it is wired 
      thank you
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