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  1. RZRDuner1

    universal EZ-STEER power steering kit

    How much difference does the power steering unit make on a Joyner UTV?
  2. RZRDuner1

    HID light conversions

    Most of the time HID lighting kits are simple plug-in solution.
  3. RZRDuner1

    Kawasaki Teryx Takes Over!

    Thanks for the great article, very informative!
  4. RZRDuner1

    What Size Trailer?

    Go with a 6x12, it will leave you plenty of room for extra gear and won't force you to get a dual axle if you don't want to. www.sbsparts.com
  5. RZRDuner1

    Commander tops

    Do you make any other Commander parts and accessories?
  6. RZRDuner1

    NEW "Cooter Brown" RZR top from EMP

    Got one of these form my RZR. Great deal at SBSParts.com
  7. RZRDuner1


    There's a good guide to all door types for UTVs here: http://www.sbspartsgiveaway.com/utv-doors.html
  8. RZRDuner1

    Large custom utility rack for RZR

    Looks awesome, I picked up one of the Colorado Rugged Racks medium racks, love it so far. http://utvmechanic.wordpress.com/commander-cargo-racks/
  9. RZRDuner1

    RZR Spare Tire Holder

    Love these, gives the RZR a cool Baja look http://www.sbsparts.com/polaris-rzr-racks-spare-tire-winch-mounts/
  10. RZRDuner1

    Best upgrade made to RZR ??

    Racertech 2" lift http://www.sbsparts.com/suspension/
  11. RZRDuner1

    what air box??

    Best I've found is Air Raid Intake System, uses a pre-filter and you can route air through an add-on snorkel, too. RZR Air Box
  12. RZRDuner1

    2012 Ranger 500 top

    Did you post one of these for the Commander on another page on the Forum? Looks familiar. http://www.sbsparts.com/2003-08-full-size-polaris-ranger-diamond-plate-aluminum-roof/
  13. RZRDuner1

    Commander tops

    Beautiful top, finish looks great, I got a Diamondback diamond plate aluminum top, very similar to this: http://www.sbsparts.com/soft-tops-and-roofs/
  14. RZRDuner1

    Tyrex Exhaust from Yoshimura

    Love this muffler, excellent tone and noticeable power increase, especially acceleration. Got mine here: http://www.sbsparts.com/kawasaki-teryx-750-2011-rs-2d-stainless-stainless-full-system-dual/