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universal EZ-STEER power steering kit

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ya that is a great price the kit looks nice too but I dont see one listed for the trooper I wonder wich would work best

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    • By Jeremy SK
      MICTUNING LED LIGHTING  offer free led light bar 
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    • By JoynerUSA
      All you need to do is show me a lower advertised price. I will then match and beat it by 5%.
      Don't waste time and get your parts from the source with the best guaranteed prices!
    • By 2scoops
      Time to break the silence, because I don't know when the guys at Silverbullet will get the time to post on this website and I was tired of waiting.
      So, like they said they have made all of the brackets. The delay is due to trying to get a fuel controller, one just like they sell and many of us have purchased, to work with the supercharger. It didn't sound like the current one they are selling will work with the supercharger because it doesn't have a boost port. They are also trying to make it work with the stock injectors and fuel pump at 5 psi. If you want more pressure you will likely need to go to bigger injectors & an aftermarket fuel pump. Also, it sounds as though they are going to offer a couple of different price packages--eventually. A cheaper version may come with an FMU instead of the piggyback fuel controller. They mentioned possibly one with a intercooler & one without, but as Lenny would attest roots superchargers run hot so an intercooler is highly recommended.
      Best news I heard was Rick knows how cheap we Trooper folks are so I believe they will price it as low as possible. People on this forum will get first crack at owning one at a discounted rate to get them on the market. Now, don't quote me cause I hope they sell for $1, but from all I could tell I expect the price to be $3k-4k. If it ends up being a well running, well performing, and reliable set up that can run on pump gas, I think the $3k ballpark would be a steal.
      So, is anybody saving up for this?
    • By silverbullet
      We will price match any dealer price just call and let Matt know.Spend your dollars in the USA.I know that it sounds crazy but. This country needs all the help we can give it.
      We lost JMC .Who is going to be next.Not me! But their are others who could go.
      Thanks Rich
    • By silverbullet
      We have made a shim for Trooper Wheel Bearing.It goes on the C/V axle and removes the play between the bearing.The next step is a Lenny trick to put lock tite on the outer carry.You will still be able to service the German bearing.The inner race will come out when you need to service.We use Desert Gold Lube on all bearings and C/V axles.It makes the c/v run 20 degrees cooler than any other grease we have used.

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