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HID light conversions

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Has anyone tried the HID kits, looking at some Kensun for forty bucks. What do I need to know (everything) about a conversion. I want to do a hi/lo kit for headlights and another for up top

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did it I got my kits off eBay xentex I believe it was 35$ a kit to convert two lights the bulbs are H3 mine are 35 watt you may think that's not bright but IT IS. I did it to all my light bar lights and I switched that to LED but took the HID lights and they are now my driving lights big big difference and yes I cut the wires to hide the balest from water and used the factory harness

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I have never owned a HID light, YET, but I have gone a little nuts with LED lights! That said, one comparison I did with another persons HIDs showed that the HID is more spot lite than the LED, it reaches out further, but has a narrower beam, My LEDs put out lots of light and I can see almost every thing with in a certain distance, both side of the road, the tops of trees and especially what's right in front of me.

I'm not saying one's better than the other, that depends on what you want! It's just something to consider. If I find one of my videos, I'll post a link for it.

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I agree with Kinarfi. If your going fast at night, you want the light to reach out. If your navigating thru tight stuff the LEDs cover the area better because they spread the light to the sides more. My HID were really too bright for close stuff and leave you a little blinded especially when you went thru a dip and got the light reflected back from the opposing up slope in front. If you put Kinarfi's lights with mine and switched back and forth, you would have it all.

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