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Curtis Instruments 1232/34/36/38 Manual


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Curtis Instruments 1232/34/36/38 Manual

Curtis Instruments 1232/34/36/38 Manual

Curtis 1232, 1234, 1236, and 1238 AC induction motor controllers deliver smooth power unlike any previous vehicle control system. They provide unprecedented flexibility and power through inclusion of a field-programmable logic controller embedded in a state-of-the-art motor controller.

The embedded logic controller runs a fully functional field-oriented AC motor control operating system (OS) that can be user-tailored via parameter modification; see Section 3. The OS also contains logic to execute OEMdeveloped software, called VCL, that can be used to enhance the controller capabilities beyond the basics; see Section 7.

VCL (Vehicle Control Language) is an innovative software programming language developed by Curtis. Many electric vehicle functions are uniquely built into the VCL code, and additional functions can be OEM-controlled using VCL code. VCL opens new avenues of customization, product differentiation, and responsiveness to the market.

The CAN bus communications included in the 1232/34/36/38, as well as in many other Curtis products, allow these AC induction motor controllers to be part of an efficient distributed system. Inputs and outputs can be optimally shared throughout the system, minimizing wiring and creating integrated functions that often reduce the cost of the system.

Curtis 1232/34/36/38 controllers are the ideal solution for traction, hoist, dual drive, and other motor drive and vehicle control needs.


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