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2021 Axis 500 Stalls

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Most of the time my 500 runs fine.  However twice now, after I had been running the marching for a while I have had issues with it stalling when I put it into gear.

It will start and idle fine, but when I try to put it into gear (forward or reverse) the engine stalls.  Both times I was finally able to get it to turn well enough to get home by starting the engine, pushing the 500 then while moving put it into gear.  After that it ran fine, including while stopped.


I have pulled the cover off of the belt, and everything seems to be fine.


Any thoughts/suggestions on what to check?



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So have to push it while in neutral THEN while it's rolling, slam it into gear.

That is not good on the transmission. 

Even when the engine is running, the clutch should not be engaged until there is higher RPM. Then the engine spins the clutch, the paws on the clutch slings out and engages the clutch drum. The drum spins the primary sheave. Primary sheave spins the cvt belt. Cvt belt spins the secondary sheave. Secondary sheave is on a shaft attached to transmission. 


Now the clutch is a wet clutch. It uses a special engine oil for wet clutch motorcycle, ATVs and such.

Is it possible it has the wrong oil? 

Possible air filter?

Possible fuel filter?

Since it doesn't happen all the time it will be hard to test. Maybe the next time it happens. Jack up the machine so wheels are off the ground. Start again and put in gear. See if it stalls again. I just don't know enough to help. Sorry.

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