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UT400 Cab Enclosure?


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I just put a 3 Star soft door and rear window kit on my Coleman 400. I got the zippered rear window and door window options. Top quality and fit perfectly. I added heat, so I had to do a lot of sealing up the air leaks to get it where I wanted it. There is a top option which would have probably sealed the gaps up but I didn't get that. Expect about 4 hours to get it installed and fitted correctly if working alone.

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The 3 Star video needs to be redone work a working mic. It is terrible to watch. 

I know they'll roll back, but for summer use, will they come off easily?

Since mine will be my driveway plow vehicle, an enclosure might be worth while. 

I just bought and installed the KFI plow power angle kit and that looks like it will be a big improvement over getting out to swing the blade. 

Thanks again, Dan 

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I really like the enclosure, it is very well made out of top quality materials. You do-need to take off the roof and windshield for installation as well as having a warm place to work because the velcro needs a warm surface to bond. I tried a few ways to fill those big gaps above the windshield, and ended up using round foam pipe insulation ¬†for 1-1/2‚ÄĚ pipe which is about 3‚ÄĚ od and stuffed it with smaller insulation to get it large enough to wedge securely in place. The front edge of the roof acted like a wing and the air would try to push the foam out at speed. I noticed on my roof, the center of the front was pushed down and not flat looking across the roof line. The foam is tight enough to flatten the roof back out and stays put. I also addressed all the smaller air leaks around the mirrors and at the shifter and parking brake levers, maybe overkill, but I can stay warm running at ¬†full speed now. I changed out the original spark plug for the iridium plug and the motor runs smoother too. Waiting for ice so I can get this thing out on the lake.

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