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09 teryx 750 LE efi for sale

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Excellent condition- 52hrs/660miles

Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I purchased this Teryx on April 29th of 09 brand new from Kawasaki Superstores in Goodyear,Az. An un-foreseen medical condition forces the sale.


I had the first full service done at Kawasaki on May 6th, at 11hrs/118miles

The second service was done by me on May 28th, at 31hrs/356miles—oil, filter, air cleaner

On June 13th, I cleaned the air filter at 41hrs/498miles

The 3rd service was done at Kawasaki on June 27th, at 46hrs/571miles. On this service, I went ahead and changed oil in both diffs again. (Why these services were done so close together is a long story so I won’t go in to it unless requested.)

Completely street legal. I don’t know how the licensing works but the tags on it now are good until 4/2010. Off-road tag good until 4/2010

I’ve never had this machine in the mud, or under any water. Just desert back roads and down sand washes. Never had it over 40mph. Yeah, I know, sounds like a sales pitch but what can I say, it’s the truth. I had planned on keeping this thing for the long haul, and the price I paid for it, well, I guess I been treating it like a newborn. Also, I’m 52yrs old and feel like 90, so my wild days have long past.

I purchased an extended 3yr warranty and service plan, which is transferable to the new owner. The only catch is you have to have services and any warranty work done at Kawasaki superstores. I believe there are 3 in Phoenix.

Price: 9850.00 firm

Contact: Tom 602-686-1307

Teryx located in Ajo, Az about 120 miles south of Phx on SR85


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