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Whats the difference in the model years for T2 troopers?


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I'm looking at getting a UTV for hunting, and trail riding. I like the Polaris ranger, but have heard of alot of problems with the belt on the cvt. The Trooper T2 looks real good also, but what's the difference in model years? Should I get a used one with low hours, or save for a new one? Is there any way to get more than 2 people in one? I hunt in South Dakota 8 days a year for vacation, and would like to be able to carry 2 or 3 other guys. I don't want a T4, it seems to long for trail riding in the East, which is what I want to do most of the time.

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Get the lastest/newest you can find. There has been upgrades and changes from the first 50, I have one of the first 50, as most changes have been for the better. Don't get an older one unless you get a really good price because you will have to do a few mods. Good luck! I am too lazy to mention all the changes.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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