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Week-end Fun

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Saturday we took the T4 out for a spin with the grandkids and we had a blast. Even loading the trailer in the dark was a fun experience for them. Today I asked if they wanted to go out again and there was a rush for the door. We went to Nelson Hills today and the trails were fun.

Thanks Lenny for telling us about Nelson Hills, we had never heard about it before even though it was only about 15 minutes from our driveway.

I forgot the camera but our youngest grandson (4)was wearing full ATV gear, a polarfleece lined goose down coat, beanie, gloves, a gator around his little face plus his helmet, he was so bundled up that he could barely move yet he kept saying lets keep going I'm having fun, this from the little guy who last year had to be brought back home for hot chocolate after a very short ride (LOL) I guess he's growing up, now we mention ATV or Joyner and he's ready to go.

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