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Large custom utility rack for RZR


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I purchased the RZR for farm use, hunting and trail riding. This is what I designed and built for mine to haul my 2 cow dogs & just about anything else. I designed it to hold 2 large soft sided foldable dog cages. The dogs load from the front seats into the cages. There is room under the rack to carry spare tire, jack, tools etc....









Even though I went to all the trouble to give him a place to ride. Ranger still perfers the shot gun spot.


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    • By Greg Kilgore
      We all know summer is hot inside the cabs of our SXS. So I've rigged up a couple of fans to help cool down the cab.
      I didn't want to drill the fan's "support rails" into the ROPS (Roll Over Protection System), aka roll bars. So I used water clamps to hold them in place. 
      I just need to replace the wires I ran with bigger gauge. Then finish the wiring to switches, relays, and battery. But the hardest part. The actual mounting of the fans is complete. Also just in case anyone plans on doing this. I may have to only use 1 fan in the middle instead on 2. Due the the draw on the battery.
      The fans are 12", 12V 80W. So I'm figured they were 6.7 amps apiece. Used the WAVe formula to get unknown values Watts=Amps*Volts then solve for unknown. I know the watts and volts from sticker on fan. So just used above formula to get amps. So a 7 amp fuse should be OK and a 10 amp fuse will be good. 
      So pulling 14 amps from the battery all day may be too much for the charging system to keep up with. And I haven't even installed the radio yet. So I will have to test and let you know.
      See pics below.

    • By Spencer Marks
      Hello all, 
      I just finished replacing my front and rear drive shafts. I drained and put new dif fluid in the rear dif. I went to the local dealer and they told me the fill capacity of the front and the transmission as I want to replcae that as well but they could not tell me how to access the fill. One how do I access the fill for front dif and 2 is the transmission fill the same as the rear dif? I don't see a dip stick or fill for the transmission but all in same area.

      Also, anyone can suggest a good shop/service manual for this bike?


    • By Terry B
      We purchased this UTV less than 60 days ago and now I am having issues with drained battery. Used UTV for about an hour then stopped and when I went to start back up my battery was to low to start it. Jumped it and it started right up and ran fine back home. Tested charging and it’s not charging while running. Can it be anything other than the stater??? Can I look for something that I can fix Quik or does it have to go to the authorized service center to stay under warranty? It will take some time to get it in and out of service 
    • By johnpeter
      2018 Polaris 1000 ESP RZR 2 SEAT On Ebay

    • By Juan Smith
      2020 Polaris Rzr XP Turbo Stealth Black
      925cc turbo charged engine
      64” wide
      2,319 miles
      161 hours
      Complete oil change done recently and religiously using Mobil Oil products
      Everything works as it should
      Aftermarket accessories:
      AMS black wheels with skat trak hub covers and black raceline lug nuts
      14”x8” front wheels
      14”x10” rear wheels
      System 3 SS360 front sand tires
      Pro Armor 16 paddle rear sand paddles
      Rockford Fosgate 1,000 watt stage 5 stereo
      Aftermarket Assassins Tunes 1-3 plus kid mode 
      Aftermarket Assassins Launch control (2 step)
      Aftermarket Assassins 2500 rpm stall spring
      Aftermarket Assassins S3 clutch kit
      Aftermarket Assassins Blow Off Valve with filter
      Trinity Stage 5 Cerakote slip on exhaust
      NGK CR9EIX spark plugs
      RPM Powersports silicone Intake and Charge tubes
      Black aluminum roof
      32” curved Rough Country single row light bar
      Black aluminum lower doors
      15” Rough Country rear view mirror
      K&N air filter with outerwear
      2 Tusk flag mounts (1 is damaged)
      Chupacabra Offroad upper door bags
      Polaris Click 6 retractable harnesses
      .50 Caliber Racing middle bump seat
      Super UTV tinted half windshield (have a brand new one to go with)
      All stock parts are available to be put back on if wanted
      Located in Hugoton,Ks
      Call/text 6204531197 for more info

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