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HELP! commando rearend problems

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Has anyone had c-2 rearend problems? I am on my 7th rearend. I build car and truck rearends but I cant make one of these last for s--t! I have installed different bolts and reshimmed them but they still dont last more than 100 miles. It seems like the pinion is on the centerline of the ring gear which makes it much weaker than being offset like a high pinion ford. the first few gears looked like they were made with a chisel, very crude machine work , the last one was much better and the next and last one to go in has very nice lookng gears. I think the gears are too soft, has anyone had them hardened? when these ones fail i have a set of narrow dana 70s out of a ditch witch that wiil fit perfect under there, they even have 31 inch tractor tires.

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