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Oil Pressure Guage Replacement

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My oil pressure guage quit working so I decided to replace it with this:

"Oil Pressure Gauge Replacement

Zorro found some at his Local Marine Supply store

Sending Unit -- TeleFlex Morse Part # IA15001 0-80 psi, 240-33 ohm

Gauge -- TeleFlex Morse Part # 57903P 0-80 psi, 240-33 ohm

Manufactured by Veethree Elec. & Marine LLC

together cost aprox $80.00

Says it fits the existing hole perfectly Thanks Zorro"

The guage fits great and reads the oil pressure correctly, but now my red oil pressure warning light is on all the time. Has anyone else hooked one of these up and had similar problems or know why the light might be staying on all the time?

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