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Well, I did it again-broke the front suspension. While riding on a very narrow trail a log jumped out and struck my right front wheel. It hit so hard it pulled the front drive apart and jammed the wheel back into the fire wall. Of course it was where with good luck and lots of $$ a helicopter "may" have been able to lift it out After taking the wheel off, with difficulty, we were able to free up the steering so I could limp back to camp. Needless to say I had a SEVERE camber and toe out problem.

The bottom line after some close inspection is I will have to replace the A arm mountings at the firewall top and bottom. They are bent so far the tire hits the firewall on a moderate right turn. I'm hoping someone in trooper land knows where I might get replacement mounting brackets. I'll cut the old ones out and replace them if they are available. I'm hoping I can replace the balls and other innards of the bell housing.

I'll call some of the dealers on our list to see what they have available. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to share them.


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An earlier post speaks of where to find replacement balls if you have lost yours, LOL! I believe it was Lenny or Kinarfi who knew where to get new balls. You will have to do a search. The innards is something else. May have to buy an axle or maybe one of the dealers has a broken one. We saw a lot of broken axles in the lots when the Joyner auction was held. Good luck, at least you were having a ball, lol!

rocmoc n AZ/Baja

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Oh, you gave me such an opportunity for one liners about going to California looking for balls but I will hold back. LOL! Don't want to offend our Left Coast friends. I will say one, You won't find any balls in the California Legislature! Oh there are so many more, LOL!

rocmoc n AZ/Baja

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