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I been working on my Trooper, all the live long day

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Seems that's all I do, But then I don't have too many other things to do and I don't do them very fast.

Different set up on the dash front cover, new fenders, new skid plate, some dirt shields to keep the sand, dirt, dust, and hopefully the weeds from blowing down the drive line tunnel. Because my power steering unit has a really really high gain amplifier in it, I have found that any plug & receptacle in the line causes problems, so it's a straight line and soldered connections.

Here's the first of 20, Enjoy 2634376150104110397Mqsxts_th.jpg

I write on a lot of my pictures, to explain what the pict is about.

Working on a new top cover that's retractable. Then maybe a heater, then maybe a windshield, then maybe some doors, Maybe I'll even fix my smoking engine.


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Jeff, nice work. I have done something similar to your Inner Firewall Apron on a new Renegade. Its intention was to stop cow crap plastering all over the wires on the inside of the dash. I used the rubber packing mats that come with the UTVs in the crate and tie-on straps, but didn't look as good as yours. You have done a good job here, however I hope those magnets dont move to much with all the vibration. 10 out of 10 for thinking outside the box. If they fail, try some Velcro. That way you can still get in. I think this subject deserves its own thread.

The Dirt shield is a good idea too and the new guards are an improvement from last time & will do the job.

Here is an idea that you might want to contemplate. The new 2011 Troopers (when they are released) with have an oil cooler added, an air scoop on the side and a new modular safari bed. All three improvements are to help the engine run cooler. My idea for the current models is to incorporate a air scoop in the front to ram air onto the engine and or into the air filter. One hose for on-top of engine and one for the air filter. You have your Air filter moved up like a snorkel so no need to ram air into it from the front. It would not be too hard with flexi hose, even with a bonnet(hood) that opens like yours to put an air scoop on-top of the bonnet. Thats just in case you're looking for a new project, after you finish this one Jeff.

Keep me up to date with your retractable top cover, who knows your design might be picked up.

Cheers Mike.

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Got the retractable sun screen done for the most part, Now all I have to do is find someone to help me sell it

When my wife I go for a ride in my Yukon, I can never see what's up above us on her side. When we started going in the Trooper, it was so nice to be able to look up, but I messed that up with a top cover/sun screen, now I can have which ever I want most. The fabric is off my airplane and has rib pockets sewn into it which I can put stiffener in, but it may leak in the rain, we'll see. Because it is quite flexible, at speed, the back kind of bulges up with the wind, no big deal. So far, I like it.


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