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Would we benefit from a 3 link

Banjo Minnow

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Would we benefit from a 3 link like the rzr xp and can we fab one for our machines. It seems this design would help eliminate some east west movement in the trailing arm and help prevent broken welds.

Yes and yes. I have been thinking about re-engineering the rear trailing arm since I noticed my right rear wheel is misaligned by 1". Now I have another reason since your mishap in Moab. I do like the design of the RZR XP after seeing it. I took some measurements from one of the rental RZR XP's in Moab. I was suprised to find that the trailing arm on the XP was significantly longer than ours. It was about 35+ inches long. If our trailing arm was that long I think we could get 15" or more of rear wheel travel (with new shocks of course). We would only be limited by the CV joints and the tire contacting the chassis (at least if you are running over 27" tires). Also, as you recall pointing out on my Trooper in Moab, the current design limits our travel because the CV shaft contacts both the upper and lower tubes of the trailing arm when fully compressed and at full droop (with 8.5 inch or longer shocks). I probably won't get serious about this project until next winter when the Trooper will have alot of down time. Let me know if and when you are going to do something with yours and we will exchange ideas.

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