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Trooper owners in Kentucky.

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I need a Trooper for a few days so that I can get GCL Enclosures to re-design the front Vinyl Panel for a full soft enclosure. The time needed could get extended and is out of my control, but as it is just one panel, it should be a couple of days. Your UTV will be used for promo photos, so will need to be clean.

I used plumbers Trooper initially and what was supposed to be two weeks, blew out to five weeks. I am forever grateful for plumber putting up with me and understandably so, is not to keen to go back. Thanks again plumber.

We also have one new Black Trooper T2 full enclosure ready to go with a Lexan Windshield. Contact Pacific Eagle USA

For those that have made some changes to their Trooper roll cage but would still like a professional enclosure, this may be possible.

Lenny is considering this, so contact him. His idea is to order just the completed panels unsown together and get a locale upholster to finish the job off after re-measuring. Only good if you have gone smaller needless to say.

Cheers Mike.

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