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ATV / UTV $4,000 budget


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I'm 60yr. old and have a $4,000 budget to get my "first" atv or utv. I've never rode one of these either but I've watched some "youtube" videos and it does'nt look that difficult. I intend to pull a 6 foot 3 blade self propelled finish mower that weighs 200 pounds over 20 acres of rolling field. I need a automatic with select 4 wheel drive and a minimum 400 cc. I live in northern Ky. so i don't see many of these things being used. How can i tell if a used one has been abused? Do you suggest a dealership or a private owner? I need suggestions for buying a atv/utv that will suit my needs. Thanks......Tom

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I shopped around for awhile after I noticed my neighbor using his 2500 4X4 Mule to run around the lake area, going to the fishing hole and even towing his 14' aluminum fishing boat and trailer and launching it from the bank of the lake. I located a 2004 Kawasaki 3010 4X4 Mule with 168 hours on the meter, that had been used and abused by a Little League basball staff. They didn't like it and wanted a golf cart, I took it off their hands for less than $3000. The hood was pop rivited on and had oversized chrome wheels and swamp boss tires. I found that the radiator was air locked, and the auxillary coolant reservoir was busted, the transmission jumps out of high gear. It runs good but the front tires rubbed the fender with two large adults in the seat. I replaced the tires, wheels with new original pulloffs. and replaced the missing hood hard ware, now I am into the tinkering phase. For what You are needing I reccomend the slow 25MPH Mule for a working vehicle.

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