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KMS Performance has designed and produced a replacement to the oem cylinder head and case bolts. Stop the head gasket failures and cracked cases! Stop using low grade materials that stretch. These replacement KMS studs are made of upgraded quality material for a low cost price.

“We have replaced numerous stock and 686 head gaskets [...]

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    • By Steve Vanvelzen
      I have a 2021 Massimo T-Boss 550 which now has a crack in the rear gearcase. A few weeks ago during my usual fluid checks I noticed that the gear oil was very low and there was an oil film on the outside of the case on the side where the plug is. I topped up and cleaned it up. I assumed the the bolt was not sealing properly so I ran it as usual and same thing again and again. So then I was thinking that maybe I need a new washer or something. I cleaned the outside of the casing and was about to top up the oil when low and behold.......I noticed a crack across the top right side. OMG, this thing is only a year old. Any ideas out there on how this would happen and most importantly....how can I fix it?
      Any advice would be appreciated because as we all know on this forum it is hard to get shops to work on these wonderful machines. And if I need parts, wish me the best of luck.
    • By Warden64
      Hi,Have a 2014 hissun utv that will
      go in reverse and high range but no low range. And suggestions or solutions?
    • By demaris
      i've purchased an 2014 applestone 800cc side x side.  what's an applestone, right!  found that out.  nearest applestone parts, new zealand. great.
      it actually has an odes 800cc engine which helps.  and a cvt belt drive.  i suspect that the drivetrain is common to other vehicles but i don't know which.
      my problem is that when starting off in high fwd, the right rear tire jumps somewhat violently and the transmission chatters a bit.  all smooths out when it gets rolling 5 to 10 mph.  what i'm trying to find out is if this is normal, or an issue with the differential, or a transmission issue, or the cvt?  bad gear meshing, or maybe an old belt that has been hardened?  is there a clutch in the design, not smoothly engaging?  my experience with variable drives like this dates back 40 years to the reeves variable drives that used be attached to ac motors by reliance motors inc. and others.  their design didn't allow it to idle while the motor was running and was intended to provide variable output while the motor turned at a constant speed.
      any ideas before i start tearing things apart?
    • By Greg In Iowa
      [email protected]
      10:31 AM (9 minutes ago)         I'm always trying to add more options, when it comes to parts, fluids or anything else, if it's good quality and saves me money. I want it to look right also. My new 800sx crew is just about broken in. I'll use Amsoil 0w-40 engine oil. After pounding around in Google for a while,  I  found a couple of oil filters other than Chery.
      Fram ph4976
      I  was hoping for a little more quality, and found Wix 51394. I got it at O'Reilly's for 13 American. I wanted to be sure, so I stopped into Bass Pro. I  asked for an oil filter for my machine. The guy went over to the shelf and opened an oil change kit from Tracker. (You know,  the oil and filter kit for 69.99.) Inside the box was a Wix 51394. I'll change the differential and trans-axle fluids at the same time. I think I've found some fluids, other than Tracker/Artic Cat.( I did end up with Artic Cat trans-axle fluid, still looking for a good alternative.) Has anyone already found something? It would be great to know?
      I also put a Kenimoto turn signal/horn kit on it. I did have to lengthen the wires from the switch on the steering column into the firewall and then back to the rear turn signals. I went to the battery for power. It looks and works great. You will see that my turn signal indicator lights are out on the hood. I'll have to extend the wires to get them into the cab area. As it works out, I like the added lights outside on the front and I see the lights easily.
      I bought a 6x10 canvas tarp, added a couple of grommets, used the black rubber stretchy tie downs and I now have a nice top that does all I need it to do until I get a hard top. I did this for under 60.00.
      I did roll roll the front with a 1/2" fiberglass rod that I got at the farm and home store. I used 1/2" insulated clamps from the electrical isle. I did have to puncture the canvas for the screws. On the back I used one of the bicycle/moped fiberglass flag poles. It stays tight, keeps the sun off the passengers and would repel rain.

    • eManualOnline
    • By GrandpaVader1138
      I have a 2012 Joyner Python BB800.   I need the outboard rebuild kit or a complete left CV joint.  The number stamped on the axle is "ATV 933 110510A".  The Joyner part number from their exploded parts list is "02.PYT800.03.02.0100"     Thanks in advance for your help.
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