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Light Bar - Preview of what I've been working on


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I've been playing with LEDs for quite a while and finally found some I really like and so I decided to make a light bar for my Trooper and do away with the stock unit. Here's some photos of what it will be, just need to get some parts in so I can power them up. It has 12 LEDs, each one is 10 watts, 600 lumens for a total of 120 watts which is almost as much as the stock light bar and 7200 lumens. I have it set up so I can run just the center 4 or the outer 8 or all 12.

2930326940104110397BBptdN_th.jpg 2611425740104110397bRovhJ_th.jpg

Right now it is plain aluminum, which acts as a heat to get rid of the heat so the LEDs don't fry. Does any one know what effect painting it black will have? Black radiates heat best, but the paint may act as insulation. The inside will stay bare, I only want to paint the back and out side.


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Wow, took it out the other night and they work great, but I did scare my self. I was working on one of the methods to increase the voltage to drive the lights when the load resistor burned out and because there was no load, the output voltage went to 200+, then when I went to unsolder the resistor, the charge on the capacitor discharged to the tip of the soldering iron with a real nasty pop, at that moment, the tunes I was listening to quit and I thought I had tripped the breaker, then I noticed the lights were still on and the soldering iron light was on and the computer was off, it was tied to the circuit via the PC oscilloscope that I was using. The computer would not turn back on, so I disassembled it, cleaned the dirt and soda spills out of it, found the little Real Time battery holder had a loose solder connection, fixed it, reassembled and wooo hooo, it worked. Had Me Real Worried for a while. Plannint set the middle 4 lights up for a tighter beam spread and leave the outer 8 lights at a 60 degree spread. Can't wait to meet up with Lenny some night and see how do compared to his HID lights.


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I turn one light on each morning. You can see it from where you are by looking to the east about 7:30 am. Can;'t miss it, lights up the whole sky. You will want to wear sunglasses during the day. I turn it off as evening approaches. Tell you what, why don't you turn yours on this evening and I'll watch for it. :P Have you noyiced that when you click on this thread that a list of LED light suppliers shows up at the bottom.


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Guest Lenny

Good job Kinarfi. But, I won't beleive it unless I can see it. Guess you have to come to the Jamboree so it can be confirmed. How many lumans are you putting out? Check out this site. Stuff like this is starting to show up a lot.



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Guest Lenny

Hey, your stepping on my example of my lights. :lol: I'll go up on the moon and shine my lights down so you can see to get to the top of the hill. Is this a light showdown brewing?


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You bet, sooner or later we will meet up and dual it out. In my opinion, the addition of an HID to what I have would be ideal, my lights are great for about 100-200 yards and I think the HID would be good for further out lighting. I'm trying to find a way to flip upside down video and then I'll post it also.

Sorry for the theft. :)

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      2.    650 Commando Rear OUT CAGE              1 pieces                    
      3    Trooper Front / Trooper Rear / 800 R2 R4 Rear  OUT CAGE        2  pieces                   
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