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Fuel Lines


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Was out at Glamis North KOA this past weekend and on the way back from the Bat Caves after dark Saturday i started smelling gas.Got out and found a hole in my fuel line before the filter(mine is located after the pump below the regulator). Luckaly the hole was aimed perfectly out the drivers side towards the rear wheel and not back towards the engine.I had plently of slack in the line so i was able to just cut off the section with the hole and re-connect the line to the filter.This is not the stock fuel line, i replaced with fuel line purchased from auto zone about two years ago.Will be going in and replaceing all again this week.I know we have alot of pressure on the lines but should they not last longer? As you all know i dont get out that much so its not like i have tons of miles and hours running on it. Not from the weather either.Mine is always garaged.

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I think they make 2 different pressure lines for EFI fuel systems. Be sure you use the higher pressure lines and don't use typical hose clamps but clamps that are specifically for injection lines. Keep the hoses secure so they don't move around and abrade against something. Hoses sould last a long time. Stailness lines are expensive but the best. Glad you didn't have a fire.


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