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Weight Saving Pinned Thread


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I am going to put in my pitch for a weight saving pinned thread again. I just received some Lightforce 140 Lance headlights I ordered. They are about 1/3rd the weight of the factory headlights.

Lenny has saved some significant weight by removing the front driveshaft donut.

I could post up the numbers that I have written down for the rear cage & spare tire.

I could post the weight of the factory shocks. Airshocks could save you tons of weight. Even my fox shocks are lighter than the factory shocks by a few pounds.

If you remove the factory lightbar (I do very little night riding), there is 15-25 lbs. Or, if you build a light bar like Kinarfi you would save alot of weight.

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Plastic off road lights to replace the stock lights. More about being able to see at night, but still a good weight loss. Took off the winch and wiring, there's nothing to hook it to in the sand anyway.

On the add side, welded on tabs for the flag, and mounts for the flashing lights.

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    • By robwork9
      Hopefully someone out there is a T-Boss 410 electrics expert or a Massimo mechanic is viewing this. I parked my 410 and it was working great. I came back a week later and attempted to crank it and nothing. Turned the key and no power. Figured it was a bad/low battery so I charged it. Still nothing. Attempted to jump start it and still nothing. Usually when I put the key in and turn it to the first position, the display comes on and I hear the ECU and other items boot. Now it is doing nothing. 
      I slowly went through the electrical system and found the main fuse attached to the starter relay, part 71602 (pic 1) blown. I figured replacing this fuse would fix my problem. It didn't. I then ordered a new starter relay thinking maybe that part had gone bad and caused the fuse to blow, but a new relay did not fix the problem. 
      I have found a work around for starting the machine. If I take one of the purple/black leads (pic 2) and insert one of them in the bottom right of the starter relay (pic 1 and 3) then the machine will get power even with the key in the off position.  I'm bypassing something but don't know what. I can use my right hand to hold the wire against the lower right of the starter relay, reach over and hold the brake with my foot, then take my left hand and turn the key and it will crank. As soon as I remove the wire from the relay the machine shuts down. I have even removed the power distributor box and it will still get power when I touch the wire to the relay. Of course this is not the way it should work but if I can't solve this problem somehow I may just have to rig a connector to the relay and bypass whatever is causing the electrical issue. Massimo has told me the purple/black wires on my model are not used.
      Any help in figuring what my problem may be or other items I can try?

    • By aefron88
      I've seen a number of requests for the location of all the grease points on these machines, and there is no definitive list in the manual. This covers the UT400, but other Coleman/Hisun models should be similar.
      First to grease your machine you need a grease gun and some NLGI#2 grease. You will find it helpful to buy a needle attachment as pictured here, due to poor clearance on some of the U-joints. The rest of the zerks use the standard attachment.
      Wipe any dirt/grease off the zerk before greasing to prevent pushing gunk inside and causing excess wear.
      Push the grease gun on the zerk at a straight angle and give it a few pumps. You will hear an oozing noise or sea grease coming out from the outside of the greased area when you've put enough grease in, a few pumps should be plenty.
      If it's just oozing around the zerk you either don't have a good seat with the gun, or the zerk may be rusted and the check ball frozen. Try seating it again and regrease.
      Wipe up any excess grease when youre done to prevent making a mess.

      Rear A-Arms are greasable with the wheels on from the rear, I took the picture with the wheel off for easier visibility

      That's it. All other Hisuns should be substantially similar.
    • By cnapierala
      We have 2.4 acres of forested mountain property with about 1000' of gravel driveway to plow and maintain.  My trailer is a Silverwing SW9f 5'x9' and we would really like to have something that seats 3 people.  I looked at Polaris, Yamaha, Can-AM, Kawasaki and so far the only thing that fits the bill is the Polaris Ranger 570 full size. 
      Just wondering if anyone else has ideas of other options new or used that would fit this?  I really like my trailer and it will be great to use behind the UTV also when i get it so i hate to have to get something different.
      Thank you!
    • By billycoleman550
      I just installed all new clutches. Wet and dry. Now when I put it in gear it stalls. What did I do wrong. 
    • DIY like a pro! Shop from over 1,000,000 Repair Manuals at eManualOnline.com! As low as $14.99 per manual. Shop now.
    • By Joe Breaux
      just an update on my MSU 500 . For all the misery it caused me the first 2 yrs, and the combination of some quality YAMAHA parts, it has now become a reliable ,useful UTV without the constant fear of having to push or tow it back from trails. I have not had a single issue pop up in a very long time.. FINALLY!....and as a side note, I just bought  a C FORCE 600 ATV to replace an old and well used  Honda that finally after 18 yrs gave up a rod bearing.  So far the new one has really impressed me .. I like the new Power Steering and  this CVT Auto Trans is new to me on an ATV .. I m used to constant shifting on my Hondas .  It also has something I have never seen. Its EBS  engine brake system, as soon as you let go of throttle, it engine brakes you to a stop rather quickly.. its great idea for the grandkids safety . Takes a little getting used to tho.. All in all, I like it. We shall see how durable it is after break-in.. I do "RIDE" them! .....and they honor their warrenty! and the dealer is 15 minutes away.. 
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