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2009 Trooper T2 help


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I have an '09 T2. I bought it new of of ebay in '09. I have enjoyed riding my buggy and it has performed very well. Here is my problem, my stupid ex girl friend drove off into a mud hole and then tried to climb out of it in third gear. She thought she was in first...UGH. This burned the clutch up and the buggy has sat for about a year. I have taken it to my mechanic to replace the clutch. Course now it wont even start. He found that the wire going to the crank sensor had been eaten by a mouse. He repair the wire and he has put new gas and plugs in it, but it still wont run. He told me that each cylinder has approximately 150 psi, so the compression is good. He took the injectors out and they all seem to be pulsing correctly. He also said that he has attempted to scan the ecm, but it appears to be locked. The buggy only has 600 miles on it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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Ok Ive had a few starting issues with mine

1st was that my nuetral switch on the side of the tranny by the slave cylinder shortetd out so I by passed it only downfall is it can be started in gear

2nd is your battery switch powering evrything up when you try to start it does it click is there any signs of power??

3rd Lenny is an expert on this and helped me but, you get a voltage drop from the stock wire to the solenoid and the starter wont turn so you can put in a 4 post relay oneside to power other to ground, orginal signal wire and then a heavier thicker wire to the solenoid takes no effort to throw the relay but the current is better this way I believe theres a post on here.

4th check your ground my negative ground came loose

5 there I believe a 20 amp fuse behind the drivers seat in the fuse box if its blown you will get some power but no start

Hope this helps and good luck the guys on this site are really helpfull

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Thanks for your reply charlie. I got it running. Somehow the fuel pressure regulator was set to 75 psi. Turned it back down to 50 psi.....running like it use to. Now I just gotta put a clutch in it. Is it hard to do? Do I have to pull the motor?

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honestly in my opinion the easiest way is to pull the motor but not completeley just pick it up high enough to work on the clutch... bell housing bolts engine mount bolts ( only to the frame not the block!!) start lifting it up and disconect only what needs to be... i have mine out 3 times now and can now r&r the clutch in about and hour and a half...

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