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Stupid Stunts

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Tempted to Pin this topic so we can warn each other of what NOT to do and things that shouldn't be done.

My most recent was trying to fix a leak in the gas tank.

When I put my skid plate on, I used long bolts so I could get them all started, then run all the bolts in tight,2486523550104282158ZfQShM_th.jpg I checked the clearances and all was good, then ran over some rock and drove the long bolts up against the gas tank 2029212100104282158mfjiKa_th.jpg which deformed the tank and caused a leak where the aluminum could not flex. 2327948430104282158FwbRUU_th.jpg When I went to fixing it, I assumed the leak was where the bolt had hit the tank,2419160460104282158ZnGTtV_th.jpg WRONG! When I filled it back up, still had the leak, so I pulled it out and blew some air into the tank and started squirting it with soapy water so I could see the leak in the bubbles, the pressure was too great so all I did was feel the the air, no bubbles, but I found the leak, plugged it with JB Weld and put in in and filled it up again, This time the leak was in a different area and worse. Pulled the tank again and found the and patched it and put it back in and went to Panquich, Utah to do some riding with Lenny, I left the tank empty until I got there (so did Lenny, only I filled my tank, Lenny didn't and ran out of gas :lol: ). It appears that I forgot to take a picture of the fix using JB Weld, the two part epoxy mix, what I did was mix the epoxy, cover the leak and apply vacuum which pulled the epoxy inside and filling the hole from inside to outside. Rode for over a 100 miles and not leaks.

Lesson Learned!!!!

Don't use compressed air to pressurize the aluminum fuel tank, use the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner. I swelled the top and bottom, probably the sides too, and the swelling caused the welded seems to stretch and open, Dumb, Really Dumb!!!!!


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