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Opinion on mounts


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Hey guys looking for some input on this. Hopefully getting new shocks tommorow bolt size is 1/2" on the t2 I know the bolt is close to 5/8" or almost 16mm so what I was thinking is at the end of my new shocks taking the ball out that the bolt pass's threw and drilling it to the size of the t2 bolt so when all assembled there will be little to no play. Whats your opinions

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Having just put new shocks on and had that problem, If you can weld, get a piece of 1/4" flat metal, drill a 1/2" hole in it and cut the outside to match the Trooper shock mounts, leaving room for the welding bead and weld it in. If you have a lathe, drill out the center of the stock bolt to 1/2" and shim the new 1/2" bolt on both sides, I have shims in mine and I think I like it that way.

Depending on how wide the ball is, I would not try that as drilling the ball would be a hassle(major) and then you would have to spacer both sides of it to keep it centered.

As I think about your installation, I think I like the way mine was set up with the hole in the ball being larger than 1/2" and they supplied spacers that went inside the hole and had a 1/2" hole in them. Actually, pretty slick, now that I think about it.

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Ok thanx for input maybe I'll get lucky and the bolts will fit ya right!!! I was gonna take the balls to a machine shop see what they think I wasnt gonna drill them on my own! Welding I though about that but I don't wanna spend. A lot of money in welding I only have use of a kinda shitty welder don't trust it for that! I'll keep u posted thanx

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I will try to post a pic tomorrow family day with my son today. I actually brought one of the new shocks and old bolt to machine shop and having spacers made outside diameter will be size of shock bolt inside diameter will be half inch for new bolt and about 16th or so thick. The guy was like I will make them 7$ ea but they won't be very strong on there own I said wen its all bolted together and it's in the frame it should be

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