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Reverse Light Switch


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Hey does anyone know what reverse light switch to use as a replacement? Mine don't work......I have power there and they will work if I cross the wires so it is the switch for sure.....Just can't seem to figure out what might fit........VW is differnt thread size from what I have seen..

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Yeah that didn't turn out so well for me..LOL Even if it came aprt in one piece it would have been junk anyway...So I did a bunch of looking at pictures on the net and tried to find one that at least looked close....So I am trying a reverse switch from a 96 Geo Metro 1.0...Ordered it from Rockauto...12.00 bucks with shipping. Time will tell...Looks good on the web but I could not find the thread size for it. So hopefully it will fit...I will let everyone know....

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UPDATE! If you need a reverse switch use this one 96 Geo Metro reverse switch 1.0 Same threads same gasket same lengh...Ordered it from Rockauto...12.00 bucks with shipping. Anyways it takes care of 2 things it is a sealed unit with wires attached no dirt in it and I soldered the wires togather on mine so 1 less plug to worry about. Works well.....Hope this helps someone out there....

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