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Clutch adjustment experience


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Had to readjust my clutch a couple time while putting my Trooper back together, If I had known then what I know now, it would have only taken once.

The clutch cylinder is spring loaded to keep pressure on the lever, and if it is not tied back, it will extend fully, so tie it back with some tie wire when you're putting the lever back on.

2499211410104282158szfzgC_th.jpgThere is a line on the end of the clutch shaft and another line on the lever, my guess is that as your clutch wears and you make adjustment to the position of the arm on the shaft, when you get to the point that these line up, your clutch is worn out and time to get a new one, this is MY guess based on other lever actuated devices from my past, like motor cycle brakes. As you can see in the photo, I have two notches to go yet.

I also got photos with the clutch in and out, not a whole lot of movement.2713935040104282158NbxtpB_th.jpg

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I have 600 mile son my trooper and clutch seems ok nock on wood. I did put a stopper threw the fire wall to keep the pedal from fully exttending cause I was having little trouble shift cause the fluid was pressure was bleeding down due to to much throw. Since i have done that it worx really well

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