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Dealership ???

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I'm new to this UTV thing and have been think of buy a UTV, so here my question.

Has anybody ever dealt with a UTV dealer out of Indiana that goes by the name of HARTS CART.

And if so can you give me so info before I drop $$$ on UTV from them.

They have web site that show their UTVs. web site hartscarts. they look loke a yamaha with a yamaha engine, but not the money of one.

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I haven't dealt with them or even know anything about them, I guess the questions I would have are

1. How easy are parts to get? Like if you are out in the boonies of South Dakota are you going to be able to get parts quick or will you have to order them

2. Service? Who will service them? If its only that dealer it limits how far you can be away from him.

These are just a couple quick questions that came to mind. They maybe cheaper to start with but is it going to end up being a disposeable UTV if you can't get parts or service?

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